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January Weather Stinks But We Still Celebrate Tu B'Shvat

January Weather Stinks But We Still Celebrate Tu B'Shvat

Forecast here calls for snow. 27 degrees outside. And that's just the mid-Atlantic United States! Imagine all those Jews in New York and Boston!

It certainly doesn't feel like we should be getting ready to celebrate trees, yet here we are. Tu B'Shvat's a' comin' on January 22, 2019. (Along with a lot of apostrophes.)

Tu B'Shvat honors the "new year" of trees. Some people think it's a minor holiday, but we think it's a real tree-t. Here in the US, our trees are mostly bare except in the south and west -- not including evergreens. In Israel, this is...

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

From all of us at Proud Jews T-Shirts, have a VERY Happy Hanukkah!!!!


Last Chance to Get Your Hanukkah Shirts Before Hanukkah Ends!

Hanukkah is coming up SOON. Three days away!

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Happy Hanukkah Shopping!

The Only Right Way to Light the Menorah

We're not sticklers for protocol -- we just sell Jewish-themed t-shirts -- but when it comes to Hanukkah, it's important to be on point. We know the prayers down pat, we can spin circles around you in a dreidel contest, and we already have the One Latke Recipe You Must Try.

But the rules of the menorah, on the other hand. Oy! Years of family strife and bickering over this. A shonda! 

Back in the day, this was no problem. Ancient Jews didn't have any rules. You want eight candles? Go for it. Nine? Sure, add a shamas,...

Six things You Didn't Know About Dreidels

As we roll down that long road to Hanukkah, today's post is dedicated to dreidel trivia. Did you know:

Dreidel is a variation of Teetotum, a popular gambling game when the Roman Empire ruled Israel. The rules were the same, only the letters changed. It's unknown whether the Jewish version originated during Roman times or much later, because the game was popular throughout Europe for a very long time.

The world's largest dreidel was 18 feet tall and made out of recycled materials. It had to be hoisted upright by a small crane and it took three...