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The One Emoji App You Need Right Now

The One Emoji App You Need Right Now

Emojis. They're kinda big right now!

That's why you need to put the Shalomoji app on your phone, pronto!

Shalomoji logo image

This app has best Jewish emojis we know of. And trust us, we know a LOT of emojis.

With 100 customized 2D Jewish emojis, animated Jewish stickers, Jewish phrases, GIFS, and more on the way, you can be sure you'll have that perfect feeling-in-a-picture for your Jew-y texts, emails, and Instagram posts.

Don't take our word for it -- try it yourself! Go to You can thank us later!

Proud Jews and Shalomoji -- Did You Miss It?

Proud Jews and Shalomoji -- Did You Miss It?

Whoa! Did you catch our Instagram giveaway???

We partnered with Shalomoji to give one lucky follower a one-of-a-kind Shalomoji T-Shirt and a FREE t-shirt from our store.

Winner's gonna be announced today!

If you're not following us on Instagram, do it now! Check out Proud Jews T-Shirts.

The One Thing You Forgot After High Holidays

The One Thing You Forgot After High Holidays

You've had your apples and honey, you're written in the Book of Life, and it's all back to normal after the High Holidays. Then you realize you forgot something.

You forgot Sukkot! 

Why Sukkot

Sukkot honors the wandering of the ancient Israelites after they escaped Egypt. For 40 years they hung out in three-sided tents, and if they could do it for 40 years, dammit, we can do it for a week!

Lulav and Etrog symbolize the end of the harvest season, and we shake them during Sukkot in recognition of a good harvest. If you don't do this, we highly recommend it -- and our...

Simple, Snarky, Sexy -- and 18% Off

Simple. Snarky. Sexy.

Three words that don't normally go together, but fit perfectly when you look at our Urban Collection.

Boasting our highest-quality fabric, these tees are designed for trend-setters and go-getters (our Babies collection is for bed-wetters). They wear well, wash well, and come in v-neck, racerback, and vintage, fitted cuts.

From now until Labor Day, get 18% off any single shirt in our Urban Collection. Enter the promo code TrendSetter2017 when you check out!

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