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Happy New Year!!!


From all of us at Proud Jews to all you proud Jews and everybody else in this world:


Happy New Year!!!

May 2019 be the best year yet. Cheers!

Our New Years Gift to You

Who likes free shirts? Do you?

If you do, we have a New Year's sale for you. Buy any two shirts, get a third for free. Just enter "NewYear2019" when you check out.

This offer's only good on New Years Day. 

Thank you for helping make Proud Jews one of the best Jewish t-shirt companies in the world. Three cheers to 2019!




Hanukkah is Over. What's Next?

Welp, that was fun. Hanukkah, we mean.

Next up: Christmas!

Oh, wait. Nope, not us. I suppose we'll enjoy a cozy winter with friends and family. Stay tuned for a new shirt or two! Enjoy the cold weather!

The Only Right Way to Light the Menorah

We're not sticklers for protocol -- we just sell Jewish-themed t-shirts -- but when it comes to Hanukkah, it's important to be on point. We know the prayers down pat, we can spin circles around you in a dreidel contest, and we already have the One Latke Recipe You Must Try.

But the rules of the menorah, on the other hand. Oy! Years of family strife and bickering over this. A shonda! 

Back in the day, this was no problem. Ancient Jews didn't have any rules. You want eight candles? Go for it. Nine? Sure, add a shamas,...

New Website Just In Time for Hanukkah

Did you get tired of our website? We did!

Hope you enjoy the new layout. We moved the collections from the slide bar to the bottom (or top, depending on which page you're on). Also, product pages now display mockups for all of your color options in big pictures. 

What do you think? Contact Us to let us know!