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Where Have We Been???

It's summer, people. August, to be exact. We haven't posted in two weeks because we've been VAY-CAY.

We've been processing orders, though. Saw a few of our new Kids Hebrew Letter Sports shirts found happy homes. Just started a t-shirt giveaway with Shalomoji. Got a little tan and tried to take it easy before the kids start school.

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Bored? One Thing You Can Do...

August is a time for tired thumbs.

Tired thumbs?

Yes, 'cause your thumbs are so tired from twiddling them. 

We have the cure for boredom.


Hope you're enjoying your summer!

August is Here! Do you have your shirts?

August brings the dog days of summer. Do you have any trips planned? One last chance to get away before school begins again?

Not us. We're working! But if you're going on vacation, or even if you're just hanging out, you need to buy a new shirt.

Our suggestions:



Available in our Womens section.


Available in our Mens section.


It's HOT! Buy a Shirt.

It's summertime on the mid-Atlantic (east coast) of the United States and it's HOT!

Next week's forecast calls for rain and cooler temps -- 80 degree weather -- and we'll take it! 

Time to buy a shirt. Stay tuned for new arrivals coming soon!

Meanwhile grab some gear right here, including our 1948 and our Israel Is My Second Home line, or even our No Time for Yentas and Read the article

World Cup Football? Soccer on Your Brain? This too!

Big World Cup action today and tomorrow. Are you tuning in? We sure are! Who are we rooting for? You'll just have to guess!

What you WON'T have to guess about is whether we sell clothes for kids and babies.

Of course we do!

Here's a little taste - go to Kids and Babies sections of our site.


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