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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Today’s the 4th of July. That means hot dogs, fireworks, and American flags!

What are you doing for the holiday? Fun at the pool? BBQ?

That’s cool. You know what would be cool, too?

One of these shirts:


UNITY Israel & U.S.A. Women's T-Shirt

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Summer has FINALLY arrived!!!

June 21 means SUMMER TIME!!!

Are you equipped for summer?

No, you're not.

You need to buy some shirts. Trust us.

Check our styles for Mens, Womens, Kids, and Babies.

Maybe four of our favorites?


Last Shabbat Before Summer!

Last Shabbat Before Summer!

OMG did you know it's the last shabbas before summer?

Our rabbi did!

Granted, he's an emoji from the Shalomoji App, but he's got a challah and a tallis so he's legit.

Wouldn't he look better wearing our Chosen One shirt, with his wife in our Shabbat Shmata?



Shabbat Shalom everybody! 

Summer's 18 Days Away - But Why Wait?

Summer's coming, and that means one thing:

Concert tours!

Back in the day, one of our founders followed the Rolling Stones. Not the Rolling Stones of the 1960s, though. The Rolling Stones of the 2000s. Old, yes, but still amazing.

You know what’s even more amazing?

Our Proud Jews Summer World Tour Unisex T-Shirt.

Catch all the biggest names in Judaism – Abraham, Moses, David, Hillel and the rest!

To help us celebrate the roll-out of this new shirt, we tried to get P-Funk, but they were booked. Next...

One Thing to Cheer You Up This Summer

One Thing to Cheer You Up This Summer

Shavuot is OVER and that means…

No Jewish holidays for a while.

Don’t be sad! Prom season’s in full swing and Memorial Day’s right around the corner.

Do you know what that means?

Summer’s Coming!!!

Let us outfit your wardrobe with some sweet gear.

You got a beach trip planned? Throw on your Israeli Flag tank top.

Crabs on the dock? Head to the Chesapeake Bay. We won’t tell your rabbi! Crabs are Kosher in Maryland ( Read the article