Are You Celebrating Labor Day the Right Way?

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Are You Celebrating Labor Day the Right Way?

You probably think Labor Day weekend is a time to pick up some good sales and take it easy with your family. Maybe get one last weekend at the beach, or finish your back-to-school shopping.


Actually, it's not wrong. That's the same thing we do!

Little did we know that Labor Day actually has a formal celebration, though most people don't observe it.

Here's how you're supposed to celebrate Labor Day:

1. Join a street parade. Or, organize your own. Many places do this already, and usually these parades feature local businesses, performance groups, and community organizations -- but they're supposed to feature workers and laborers.  

2. Learn about the Labor Movement. Sunday before the holiday, you're supposed to attend discussion groups, visit libraries, and talk to your friends about the Labor movement and what it means to you. No word on whether there's a Haggadah for that.

3. Give a speech. For most of us, public speaking is nightmare central. But you're supposed to extol the virtues of labor in a sermon or even a short statement to your friends and family and anybody else. It's supposed to be a public thing. No pressure.

Maybe that doesn't sound like a fun time to you?

That's ok with us.

When you're soaking up that last bit of summer and enjoying a Monday off, just remember to think about your neighbors and fellow citizens who are employed by other people: the sacrifices they make, the opportunities they create, and the benefits you take from their work.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.