Crabs, Fairs, Shirts -- Maryland!

Crabs, Fairs, Shirts -- Maryland!

Little known fact that, despite operating out of North Carolina, our company was founded by Baltimoreans (people from Baltimore, Maryland). 

And while we didn't mix milk and meat, stayed away from lobster and shrimp, and never ate pig products, we had to enjoy those Maryland Blue Crabs. It's simply what you do during summer, and our Rabbi said it was ok!

Crab season is coming to an end soon, but in honor of those great crab feasts along the docks of the Chesapeake Bay, we're sharing our Crabs are Kosher in Maryland T-Shirts in men and women sizes.

If you're around Baltimore this week, you might want to catch the Maryland State Fair, which runs a little north of the city. It's a good time for all ages. It starts August 24, 2017 -- read about it on the MD State Fair Website!

(BTW we are not affiliated with the Maryland State Fair. They don't even know we've mentioned them on our site. One of our store owners used to exhibit home arts at the fair with his mother each year. Fond memories.)