Mother Knows Best

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Mother Knows Best

Is it too soon to talk about Mothers Day?

Nope. May 13 is right around the corner -- time to order that perfect shirt for that perfect Jewish mother who drives you crazy and hates everything you do, but loves you and tells all her friends how amazing you are.

AKA the Wonder Woman who storms your room with that drop-of-the-hat chicken soup whenever you're feeling even the slightest bit sniffly.

We recommend you treat your momma to a brand new t-shirt, and we have a few for you to choose from:

For Moms

You want something Jew-y for that special person who gave you your X chromosome? Here ya go:

For Moms-To-Be

If you have a challah in the oven, you'll want to pick up a Mensch in the Making Baby Announcement Women's T-Shirt.

If you're anti-mom, try our No Time for Yentas shirt on for size, but remember, as Disney said in Tangled: 

Mother Knows Best!