Our Favorite Song About Latkes

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Our Favorite Song About Latkes

Hanukkah is all about singing and spinning. We'll write about spinning -- the dreidel -- over the next three days. This post is about singing.

Jewish holidays go together with Jewish songs like matzo and balls, like apples and honey, like bagels and cream cheese.

Even the gentiles get into the act! It's a little known fact: several successful artists wrote hits about latkes, then changed the words because their music labels told them to.

For example, our super sleuths uncovered the original names of these famous songs:

Snoop Dogg -- "Drop It Like It's a Hot Latke"

Nelly Furtado -- "I'm Latke Bird"

Madonna -- "Latke Virgin" 

What Is OUR Favorite Latke Song?

Maoz Tzur used to be our fave, until we heard this jam from the Maccabeats. 

Well done, Jews. Yasher Koach!

Come back tomorrow for our first of three blogs about dreidels.