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Who likes free shirts? Do you? If you do, we have a New Year's sale for you. Buy any two shirts, get a third for free. Just enter "NewYear2019" when you check out. This offer's only good on New Years Day.  Thank you for helping make Proud Jews one of the best Jewish t-shirt companies in the world. Three cheers to 2019! via GIPHY    

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May 13 is Mothers Day. Or, as our moms used to call it, "just another day" as they stared out the window with their passive-aggressive sighs.Don't be like us! Treat your mother well. Get her a great gift...for once!Is she cool? Get her a Shabbat Shmata shirt or a Sababa shirt.Is she a yogi? Or just into fitness? Get her a Shal-ommmmm tank top.Is she cheeky? Get her a 100% Kosher or Listen to Your Jewish Mother shirt.Whatever you do, take 18% off your order between now and Mothers Day. Enter MOTHERSDAY2018 when you check out!

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You've had your apples and honey, you're written in the Book of Life, and it's all back to normal after the High Holidays. Then you realize you forgot something. You forgot Sukkot!  Why Sukkot Sukkot honors the wandering of the ancient Israelites after they escaped Egypt. For 40 years they hung out in three-sided tents, and if they could do it for 40 years, dammit, we can do it for a week! Lulav and Etrog symbolize the end of the harvest season, and we shake them during Sukkot in recognition of a good harvest. If you don't do this, we highly recommend it -- and our...

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