The Four Finest Dreidels We Ever Did See

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The Four Finest Dreidels We Ever Did See

On Hanukkah, you gotta have a good dreidel. There's just no other way to spin it.

We've always been satisfied with the store brand kind. But some people go all out, blinging up their spinning sticks in all sorts of awesome and creative ways.

Take a look at some of our fave designs:

Crystal Dreidel

Swarovski Crystal Dreidel Proud Jews

This is a Swarovski crystal dreidel. Something tells us this is not designed for actually playing...

It also costs $70 on Amazon.

Teddy Bear Dreidel

Teddy Bear Dreidel Proud Jews Hanukkah

Teddy Bears!!!!

Jerusalem of Silver Dreidel

Jerusalem Driedel Proud Jews

It's the Old City of Jersualem!

Lego Dreidel

Lego Dreidel Proud Jews

Brilliant, guys. Props to But how did you make the bottom round?

Oh, right. Read these instructions