The Amazing, Abridged Story of the Matzah Ball

The Amazing, Abridged Story of the Matzah Ball

Ah, the Matzah Ball!

No, not that party for single Jews on Christmas Eve.

We're talking about the little concoction that's become a cherished Passover tradition, served in a delicious chicken soup.

Read on for the very brief history of the matzah ball and a recipe you might enjoy if you're making matzah ball soup from scratch.

Germans Started It

By the twelfth century, Germans were making dumplings called "knodels" - basically, breadcrumbs mixed with egg, chicken fat, and spices, then boiled in water or soup broth. They looked like this:

Picture of German Knoedel Read the article

Why Don't We Have More Holiday Shirts?

Why Don't We Have More Holiday Shirts?

If you've checked out our store, Proud Jews T-Shirts, you may notice only a few choices of shirts under our Holidays collection.

Why don't we have more?

Because when we started - just a few weeks ago - we wanted to focus on putting together fresh, original designs that appeal to all types of Jews and personalities, regardless of season.

Now we're working to expand our holiday shirts, and we just added the new "Daddy's Lil' Matzah Ball" and " Read the article

Proud Jews Announces New Website!

Proud Jews Announces New Website!

Why did we update our website?

To make it easier for you to find the shirts you want! 

Our new site lets you sort and filter better than our old version. It also simplifies some of the navigation and allows us to organize our shirts into collections.

We hope you like it!

Next Up: Passover!

Next Up: Passover!

Purim is over and we can't wait for Passover to arrive!

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The Best Hamantashen Recipe Ever

The Best Hamantashen Recipe Ever

Purim is right around the corner and that means one thing:


We're not talking about the "Little Hamantash" onesies in our Babies selection -- though we can't get enough of those, either.

We're talking about the fun, sweet, festive, good old fashioned Purim hamantashen. 

As Proud Jews, we can't get enough of those triangle pastries filled with jelly goo!

If you want a great hamantash from a traditional bakery, we recommend Breads Unlimited in Bethesda, Maryland.

But if you don't want to...